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Welcome to WWE Legends Season 3! If you’re a wrestling fan, get ready for an epic adventure as this season chronicles the remarkable lives and careers of some of the most adored WWE icons, from humble beginnings to global prominence. WWE Legends Season 3 illuminates these legendary figures’ incredible journeys from start-up to iconic status!

2Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts
5Jerry Lawler
9Dusty Rhodes
10Iron Sheik

NWO: Changing the Game

One of the most notable factions in professional wrestling history was the New World Order (NWO). Led by Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, this revolutionary group transformed sports entertainment by blurring lines between good and evil – leaving millions of fans mesmerised by its rebellious behaviour and captivating plot lines which propelled wrestling’s surge of popularity during the late 90s.

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts: The Master Manipulator

Jake ‘The Snake” Roberts is an iconic figure known for his intriguing personality and unrivaled in-ring skills. Born Aurelian Smith Jr., Jake adopted his signature nickname due to the use of live snakes during promotions and matches; fans loved his masterful psychological approach in the ring during the 1980s and 90s, making him an audience favorite despite personal hardships; his contributions have left an indelible mark on wrestling culture as an entire industry.

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Chyna: Breaking Barriers

Chyna (Joan Marie Laurer) made history in professional wrestling by becoming one of the most formidable female competitors in a male-dominated industry. By virtue of her physical strength and charismatic presence, she was the only woman ever to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship and thus proved that female wrestlers could be just as fierce and successful than their male counterparts.

Kane: Unmasking the Demon

Kane (Glenn Jacobs), one of WWE history’s most mysterious and intimidating figures, first made his debut as the half-brother to The Undertaker before becoming one of its iconic antagonists over multiple decades of battle ring action. Though initially presented as an antagonistic presence within his career spanned many decades he eventually become both fierce opponent and eventual allie for several WWE Superstars he faced off against.

Jerry Lawler: The King of Memphis

Jerry Lawler was widely revered as “The King”, an accomplished wrestling veteran with an outstanding multi-dimensional career. Not only was he skilled as an on-stage wrestler, he also used his knowledge and charisma as an outstanding color commentator/interviewer for WWE – winning him millions of fans around the globe!

Paige: A Diva’s Revolution

Paige, also known by her real name Saraya-Jade Bevis, quickly made waves in WWE with her signature tough persona and exceptional wrestling abilities. As one of their youngest Divas Champions ever, Paige quickly garnered massive fan appreciation despite facing many hardships in life both inside and outside the ring – she remains an inspiring figure for young female wrestlers everywhere!

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Charlotte: Wrestling Royalty

Charlotte Succeeding her father Ric as one of WWE’s most accomplished female wrestlers is Charlotte Flair – daughter of legendary Ric Flair. Incorporating athleticism, in-ring prowess and an eye for drama to her craft, Charlotte has won multiple championships and headlined many pay-per-view events while cementing herself as an iconic figure within women’s wrestling.

Yokozuna: Larger Than Life

Yokozuna In the early 1990s, Rodney Anoa’i (Yokozuna) was an immensely powerful force in WWE. Portrayed as an exaggerated Japanese sumo wrestler, his sheer size and agility belied expectations – earning him the WWE Championship and cementing him into legend status alongside other iconic wrestling icons of his day.

Dusty Rhodes: The American Dream

Dusty Rhodes, also known as ‘The American Dream,’ was an admired and charismatic character who charmed audiences through captivating promos and an underdog persona. As both an active wrestler and creative force behind-the-scenes, Dusty’s impactful contributions to wrestling industry were immense and his influence continues to impact new generations of wrestlers today.

Iron Sheik: The Persian Champion

Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri was one of WWE history’s most notorious villains, playing an Iranian character during an emotionally charged period and becoming Hulk Hogan’s fierce opponent. But even with such an antagonistic persona and unique style in play, Iron Sheik found favor among fans as an iconic part of wrestling culture.

WWE Legends Season 3 NWO brings together an extraordinary array of wrestling icons with incredible stories worth telling, such as Jake ‘The Snake” Roberts and Chyna; monstrous Kane; charismatic Jerry Lawler and others who have had an impactful impact on professional wrestling as a whole. These legendary figures have forever altered professional wrestling in memorable ways.

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These contributions from pioneering wrestlers have inspired generations of fans and fellow grapplers alike. Their legacies live on, reminding us all of the magic professional wrestling can bring into our lives.


Q: When is WWE Legends Season 3 NWO available for viewing?

A: As no official release date for WWE Legends Season 3 NWO has yet been set, stay informed by following WWE on social media channels and its website for any updates regarding when its release may occur.

Q: Will more legends be added to Season 3 NWO roster?

A: While an initial roster has already been announced, WWE may surprise their fans by including surprise guests or making special appearances during this season.

Q: Is Jake “The Snake” Roberts still involved in professional wrestling?

A: As of the most current information available, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts has retired from active wrestling but occasionally makes special appearances or contributes to the industry.

Q: How has Chyna’s career affected the representation of women in wrestling?

A: Chyna’s success broke stereotypes and demonstrated that female wrestlers could be dominant and successful within an industry traditionally dominated by men, opening doors for future female grapplers to pursue this field.

Q: Where can I watch WWE Legends Season 3 NWO?

A: WWE Legends Season 3 NWO should be available on either the WWE Network or any streaming service carrying its content, so please check local providers to determine their availability.

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