Cher Request for Conservatorship over Son Elijah Blue Allman Denied in Court

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New York, NY – January 30, 2024

Celebrity singer Cher is in the middle of a legal fight in Hollywood over custody of her 47-year-old son, Elijah Blue Allman. The battle is emotional and complicated. Cher’s request for a temporary emergency conservatorship was turned down again at the most recent court meeting in Los Angeles. This is the latest in a string of legal setbacks for Cher.

The court case started when Cher, who is 77 years old and has won 77 Grammys, asked for her adult son to be put under brief emergency conservatorship. This choice was made because Cher was very worried about Allman’s health and said she thought her son might not make it through the year. The court, however, turned down this emergency motion because there was proof that Elijah Blue Allman had been good with his money, kept up with his apartment, and avoided drugs.

 Judge’s Decision

The judge’s decision to turn down Cher’s request for an order shows that people think Allman can handle his own business, even though he has had mental health problems in the past. This decision was made after a lot of information was looked at, including drug tests that showed Allman was serious about living a drug-free life. Even though Cher really worried about her son’s safety, the judge stressed that there had to be solid proof to back the temporary conservatorship. She said that many of the arguments were based on “fears” and made-up situations.

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Legal Arguments and Mental Health Challenges

Elijah Blue Allman’s problems with schizoaffective disorder made Cher’s lawyers strongly argue that he needed immediate help. They told them that he had been put under several 5150 holds in the past year. This is a California law that lets people be hospitalized for mental health reasons against their will. The lawyers also said that they were still trying to get a bipolar diagnosis from a well-known doctor.

While the court understood Cher’s concerns and didn’t say anything bad about her intentions, it did stress that there wasn’t enough proof to give a temporary conservatorship based on hypothetical situations. This tricky legal issue makes the case even more complicated than it already is.

Financial matters and distribution disputes

There were also discussions about money during the court session. Allman’s lawyers asked Cher’s trustee to send him money. This included ongoing payments that were due soon and another one that was held up in December. The lawyers for Cher confirmed that the money would be given out, but they wanted to make sure that it was used responsibly by sending the money straight to vendors instead of giving it to Allman.

This part about money raises questions about how mental health, money management, and legal responsibility all affect each other. It also shows how difficult it is to find the right mix to protect Elijah Blue Allman’s health.

Future Hearings and Ongoing Legal Drama

As things continue to go badly in court, the judge chose to start over with a new hearing set for March 6. The legal fight is still going on, and this extension gives both sides another chance to make their cases and maybe come to an agreement.

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The ongoing legal saga started with a hearing on January 5. Cher’s first ex parte motion was turned down because Allman and his lawyers didn’t have enough time to go over all the papers. The later denial at Monday’s hearing makes people wonder how strong Cher’s case really is and how hard it is to figure out if she needs a conservatorship.

Elijah Blue Allman’s Reaction and Statement

After the court said no to the temporary guardianship, Allman’s lawyer, Steven Bremer, made a statement on his behalf. It was clear to the court that Elijah was very happy that he did not need a brief conservatorship. Thank you to his fans, friends, and the people in his community who have helped him. Bremer told him, “He’s doing great.” Allman’s statement echoes a sense of independence and strength, showing a toughness that stands in contrast to the legal fights that are going on around him.

Cher’s fight to be in charge of Elijah Blue Allman is still going strong. The drama in court, with emotional pleas, legal arguments, and complicated money problems, shows how hard it is for families to deal with mental health issues and legal guardianship. As the court case moves forward, the March 6 hearing could give us more information and maybe even help us find a solution to this very public and private family fight. Mental health issues, drug abuse, and family connections are all complicated parts of the law that continue to interest both fans and people who study the law.

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