Empowering Kids to Be Internet Awesome: A Guide for Parents and Educators

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Be Internet Awesome : I am constantly discussing my daughters’ internet use with them as parents and educators. Their use of it to explore, create and learn is what drives my best work at Google; where I lead a team dedicated to providing products to make online experiences positive for families and kids. But for them to fully benefit from being on the web we must do more than provide helpful products – they need guidance that teaches them to make smart choices online on their own.

As our children navigate and adjust to life online, one of the greatest challenges for all of us is helping them to learn to behave smartly, positively and kindly online – just as they were taught offline. Parents and teachers play key roles in teaching this essential life skill to our young ones – an endeavor which must all work toward reinforcing.

Be Internet Awesome

Now that school has ended and summer break has begun, now is an excellent opportunity for Be Internet Awesome an innovative initiative to promote digital safety and citizenship among children. Created by digital safety experts such as Family Online Safety Institute, Internet Keep Safe Coalition, and ConnectSafely in collaboration, Be Internet Awesome covers five lessons that will equip kids to navigate the online world with confidence:

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1. Teach Your Children Internet Safety

Children need to understand that privacy should be respected when sharing data on social media or elsewhere online, including understanding what data constitutes “private”. They also should learn what constitutes “privacy” in general terms and which pieces need to be kept out from view.

2. Stay Internet Aware: Don’t Fall for Fakes

When youngsters browse websites like social media platforms, there is a risk that the internet may turn into an easily accessible hub of false information. To avoid falling for such ruses and stay safe online, they must learn to spot fake news reports, phishing efforts, and scams.

3. Be Internet Strong: Protect Your Secrets

This lesson stresses the significance of strong passwords and taking precautionary steps against online threats by encouraging children to protect their accounts and information with strong passwords and practices. Doing this helps ensure their wellbeing is kept safe from cybercrime.

4. It’s Cool to Be Kind

Kindness matters online just as it does offline. Fostering positive interactions, combatting cyberbullying and encouraging empathy all help create a healthier online experience for all users.

5. Be Internet Brave: Communicate Openly

Children should feel empowered to reach out for help or guidance when experiencing unpleasant or potentially unsafe experiences online, so encouraging open communication among adults is of utmost importance.

Resources for Learning

The Be Internet Awesome program includes an assortment of learning resources tailored specifically for kids, educators and parents to ensure everyone has everything they need to engage in the conversation and continue developing themselves as individuals.

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For Kids: Interactive Learning with Interland

Google Creates Interland as an Interactive Game for Kids To help children learn these lessons in an enjoyable and immersive manner, Google has developed Interland: an online, interactive learning game. Free and web-based, it makes this accessible for all players – kids combat hackers, phishers, oversharers and bullies while practicing skills necessary to become good digital citizens.

For Kids: Interactive Learning with Interland

Google joined forces with the Internet Keep Safe Coalition and educators from across the country to develop an educational curriculum bringing five principles of Internet Awesomeness into schools nationwide. It follows International Society for Technology in Education Standards for Students, giving educators essential tools for effectively teaching online safety lessons.

“Building the skills our students will need will require ongoing focus as new technologies provide both challenges and opportunities,” states Carolyn Sykora, Senior Director of Standards at ISTE. Be Internet Awesome provides educators and parents with materials designed to teach online safety in a fun and engaging manner.

Starting the Conversation at Home

For Parents and Guardians: #BeInternetAwesome Challenge

Beginning a meaningful dialogue about digital safety can be daunting for parents and guardians. To help facilitate meaningful discussions at home about online safety and respect, Google teamed up with YouTube creators such as John Green, What’s Inside Family, MinutePhysics to launch the #beInternetAwesome Challenge: an accessible video series designed to make online safety fun and accessible to families. Parents can reinforce key lessons by signing the Be Internet Awesome Pledge in support of being smart, alert, strong, kind and brave when browsing online.

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The world we live in is changing as a result of technology, thus it is crucial that kids have the information and skills necessary to use the internet securely and responsibly. be Internet Awesome gives parents, teachers, and kids the foundation and tools they need to work together to create a safe online environment.


Are Be Internet Awesome’s services suitable for all age groups?

Yes, Be Internet Awesome was designed to be accessible and relevant to kids from elementary through secondary school age groups.

Are the resources provided by Be Internet Awesome free for use? Yes.

Yes! Google is dedicated to digital safety and citizenship education, so all resources available through their platform are completely free for use.

Can educators incorporate Be Internet Awesome into their existing curriculum?

Yes, our curriculum has been tailored to complement existing educational programs and can easily fit into various subjects.

Are we eligible to participate in the #BeInternetAwesome Challenge all over the world?

Yes, both the challenge and video series can be found worldwide through YouTube.

Are there any offline activities or resources available for my child?

Alongside Interland, Google also provides printable materials and offline activities to reinforce lessons learned.

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