Google Presents ‘Be Internet Awesome’ Program: Ensuring Kids’ Security in India

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Google presents ‘Be Internet Awesome’ Program: In an effort to promote internet safety and security for Indian children, Google has significantly expanded their resources and teams dedicated to trust and safety for kids online. This initiative includes product policy analysts, security experts and client trust specialists proficient in over 10 vernacular languages – this local knowledge allows the central team to tap into regional nuances and insights.

Recently, Google unveiled their global initiative called “Be Internet Awesome”, in collaboration with Amar Chitra Katha, to increase Internet safety awareness among children across eight Indian languages. As part of this program, an enhanced Google Safety Center was also implemented.

Be Internet Awesome Program for Kids’ Security in India

Be Internet Awesome‘ aims to aid Google India in combatting issues related to misinformation, fraud, threats to child safety, violent extremism, phishing attacks and malware. Furthermore, this initiative seeks to strengthen Google’s global trust and safety efforts with over 20,000 dedicated individuals working together towards identifying, combatting and preventing online harm.

Google created an advertisement film, “Be Internet Awesome”, to drive home its message of Internet safety for children. ‘Be Internet Awesome” offers valuable tools for children, parents and educators – such as free online games and classroom curriculum – as part of its campaign.

As technology becomes more accessible, its accessibility also lowers barriers for potential troublemakers – making it essential to strengthen trust and safety measures simultaneously. Google is committed to helping children explore and learn safely online.

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In Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Tamil, and Gujarati, the recently expanded Safety Centre offers information on important subjects like data security, privacy controls, and online precautions.

At the core of Amar Chitra Katha’s campaign for internet positivity is an interactive experience called Interland. Through fun yet challenging games, children can learn how to protect sensitive data online, identify real and fake content online and more – this gamified educational curriculum will feature in its eight Indian-language series.

Google recently unveiled two additional commercial films focused on Internet security to show how its services can protect web surfers while browsing online. These advertisements show how Google services provide protection for Internet users while browsing the Internet.

Google’s recent efforts are underpinned by global policy modifications that include product modifications for Google accounts held by individuals under 18 spanning YouTube, search, location history and Play as well as Google Workspace for Education.

With the growing importance of the internet in our lives, ensuring a safe online experience for children is crucial. Google’s ‘Be Internet Awesome’ program, along with its expanded safety center and various initiatives, reflects the company’s commitment to the security and well-being of young users. By equipping children, parents, and educators with the necessary tools and knowledge, Google takes a significant step in fostering a safer digital environment for all.

Google’s ‘Be Internet Awesome‘ program is a testament to the tech giant’s dedication to creating a safer online space for children in India. Through collaborative efforts with Amar Chitra Katha and online safety experts, Google provides valuable resources and tools to help children navigate the digital landscape responsibly. By promoting Internet safety and offering gamified learning experiences, Google empowers the young generation to be internet-savvy and discerning users.

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