Handyman Hal Net Worth 2024: Biography, Wiki, Wife, YouTube, Costume, Career and age

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Are you want to know how much Handyman Hal Net Worth in 2023? If you are interested in them or want to learn more about them, this piece is for you. Everyone knows Shawn Goines as “Handyman Hal.” The United States gave birth to him in 1994. We can tell you that Handyman Hal Net Worth is $560K as of December 2023.

After Covid-19 started, he started making creative videos for kids on YouTube in April 2020. Around that time, his videos started going popular, which is why many adults and kids now watch them all the time. He became famous for this, and now he has 459k YouTube followers.

Stay with us until the end of this piece to find out everything you need to know about Handyman Hal Net Worth, including his wiki, biography, age, height, family, and job.

What isHandyman Hal Net Worth 2023

Do you want to know how much Handyman Hal Net Worth 2023? We carefully looked through and put together all the sources we could find to get almost exact information about his net worth. As of December 2023, his net worth was $560k.

As you now know his exact net worth, you may be thinking that he made all of this money from his YouTube channel. However, we will go into more depth below about the other ways he makes money.

Income source

1. YouTube Adsense

The primary source of income for Handyman Hal is YouTube Adsense. Through Google’s advertising platform, ads appear on his videos, generating a significant portion of his net worth.

2. Young Pastor

Before venturing into YouTube, Handyman Hal served as a pastor. His income from this role also adds to his overall net worth.

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3. Teacher

Handyman Hal’s skills extend beyond YouTube; he is an excellent teacher. This additional role has further contributed to his wealth.

4. Sponsorship

The surge in followers on his YouTube channel and social media accounts has attracted sponsorships, providing an additional stream of income.

5. Branding

Handyman Hal leverages his popularity by endorsing brands on his social media accounts, contributing to the growth of his net worth.

Along with this, we’ll also show you how much his net worth has changed over the last five years. The table below shows how much his net worth has grown over the last five years. In this case, you can see that his net worth is rising every year.

YearsNet Worth
Dec 2023$560,000

Who is Handyman Hal

Handyman Hal is not just a name; it’s a character from the Handyman Hal Show, an educational and entertaining series hosted by Shawn Goines. The show, dedicated to kids, has gained immense popularity on YouTube, amassing nearly 2 million hits on the ‘Handyman Hal – Educational Kids Show’ channel.

Handyman Hal Biography, Wiki

Handyman Hal Net Worth 2023
Full NameShawn Goines (Known as Handyman Hal)
Born1994, Massachusetts, United States
Age28 years old (as of 2023)
Height152 cm (1.52 m or 60 inches)
Weight75 kg
FamilyWife: Heather; Children: Elsie and Marla Gaines
EducationBachelor’s degree from Emmanuel College, MBA from Charleston Southern University
CareerFormer church pastor turned YouTube content creator, teacher, and digital media personality
YouTube Followers459,000 followers on YouTube (as of December 2023)
Handyman Hal Net Worth (2023)$560,000 (as of December 2023)
Popular forHosting the “Handyman Hal Show” on YouTube, providing educational and entertaining content
Income SourcesYouTube Adsense, Young Pastor, Teacher, Sponsorships, Branding
Net Worth Growth2020: $20,000, 2021: $250,000, 2022: $400,000, Dec 2023: $560,000
Social MediaYouTube, Instagram, Facebook
Handyman Hal CostumeEducational costume featuring a hard hat, safety vest, and tool belt

Handyman Hale was born in Massachusetts in 1994. His early life was centred on his family, school, and getting his MBA. His calling was to lead people to God as pastor of The Refuge church in Murrells Inlet. But YouTube lit a new fire during the outbreak of 2020.

Hale saw a need for interesting material for kids who were alone. By April 2020, he had given up preaching to do sudsy car washes and school bus singalongs. His videos were not only fun, but they were also educational adventures through daily things like farmyard friends and trucks.

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Hale is amazing because she can turn everyday things into amazing learning journeys. He doesn’t teach; instead, he encourages research. Kids are sucked into his excitement, which sparks their ideas.

Today Hale does more than just post videos on YouTube. He’s a digital master who makes fun and useful things. He has a lot of followers on social media and shares good things and information. He’s a comedian, and every frame makes you laugh and teach you something. On top of that, he’s a teacher who gets kids excited about learning.

When you see a kid engrossed in a learning dump truck, think of Handyman Hale. He was a preacher who gave up his pulpit to make the world a more interesting and fun place, one video at a time.

Handyman Hal Education

Handyman Hal attended high school and later pursued a Bachelor of Science degree at Emmanuel College. His educational journey culminated in an MBA from Charleston Southern University, setting the stage for his later career.

Handyman Hal Career 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Handyman Hale, who used to be a church pastor, got a new job on YouTube. He used the platform to spread positivity and share daily insights after switching from religious sermons to interesting and educational content. His movies were not only fun to watch, but they also spread good news, making him stand out in the crowded online world.

Shawn Goins, better known as Handyman Hell, jumped into the YouTube scene with both feet and posted regular videos that millions of people loved. The change in his career caused by the pandemic was a turning point, as his channel became very famous very quickly. Not only did his newfound success earn him a lot of praise, but it also gave him financial security through lucrative contracts, solidifying his place in the competitive world of making online content.

The story of Handyman Hell shows how adapting to digital platforms during hard times can change things. The pandemic not only made me change careers, but it also showed me how strong and creative people can be to do well in the constantly changing world of online media.

Handyman Hal Height, Weight & Age

Handyman Hal Net Worth 2023

You can find out everything you need to know about Handyman Hal in the table below. It includes his Height, Weight, and Age.

Age28 years old
Height152 cm, 1.52 m, 60 inch
Weight75 kg

Handyman Hal Family 

Handyman Hal’s YouTube videos show that he is a devoted family man. In his DIY escapades, he regularly includes his wife, Heather, and their children, Elsie and Marla Gaines, giving viewers an insight into their warm and supportive family dynamic.

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Handyman Hal also has strong Christian principles and has been an active member of his church for nine years. His commitment to his faith and community is evident in his upbeat demeanour and readiness to assist others.

While information on Handyman Hal’s extended family is scarce, his internet presence presents a clear picture of a caring husband, father, and community leader.

Handyman Hal Social Media Accounts

We’ll tell you about all of Shawn Gaines’s (Handyman Hull) social media accounts. On April 29, 2020, he started posting fun videos on his main account, YouTube. The title of his puzzle video is “Handyman Hal kids car | Learn to build Power Wheels.”

Which did really well on YouTube, and as of right now, 2,08,671 people have watched it. This video was 12:10 minutes long. He learned from this video that kids like watching these kinds of videos, so he started making more like them. Now he’s a well-known figure on YouTube.

Handyman Hal YouTube Channel

Handyman Hal is active on YouTube, where he posts videos that are both educational and fun for kids. There are more than 500,000 people who follow him on YouTube, where he has more than 350 movies.

His videos are getting more famous on the platform because they talk about a lot of different things, like animals, construction vehicles, and car washes.

He also works as a pastor at the United States Church of the Refugee while making digital material. A big part of Handyman Hal’s pay comes from YouTube ads.

His ability to consistently post and his dedication to making useful material help him make money.

Handyman Hal Social Media Accounts

Social Media SiteLinked Destination
Handyman Hal WebsiteClick Here
Handyman Hal FacebookClick Here
InstagramClick Here
YoutubeClick Here

Handyman Hal Costume

For children fascinated by construction and home improvement, a Handyman Hal costume offers an engaging and educational experience. Complete with a hard hat, safety vest, and tool belt, this costume encourages creativity, problem-solving skills, and confidence.

Handyman Hal, whose real name is Shawn Goines, has a net worth of $560,000 as of 2023. He became famous on YouTube during the pandemic and now has 459,000 followers who watch educational videos aimed at families. Handyman Hal’s ability to make money through a variety of outlets and his consistency have solidified his position as an important figure in the digital world.


Q: Who is Handyman Hal?

A: Handyman Hal is a fictional character created by Shawn Goins, a student and children’s pastor at The Refuge in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina.

Q: What is Handyman Hal’s real name?

A: The creator of Handyman Hal is Shawn Goins.

Q: What is Handyman Hal’s occupation?

A: Handyman Hal is a fictional character who teaches Sunday School lessons through videos.

Q: What is Handyman Hal’s mission?

A: Handyman Hal’s videos aim to teach children about everyday things and places in entertaining, engaging, and educational ways.

Q: What is Handyman Hal’s YouTube channel?

A: Handyman Hal’s YouTube channel is called “Handyman Hal.”

Q: What kind of videos does Handyman Hal make?

A: Handyman Hal’s videos focus on teaching children about everyday things and places, covering topics such as trucks, car washes, animals, construction vehicles, and tools.

Q: What is the origin of Handyman Hal?

A: Handyman Hal was created during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 to teach Sunday School lessons through videos.

Q: Who is Shawn Goins?

A: Shawn Goins is the creator of Handyman Hal and a student and children’s pastor at The Refuge in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. He has been in the student ministry field for 9 years, holding a BS degree from Emmanuel College and an MBA in organizational and leadership development from Charleston Southern.

Q: What is the age of Handyman Hal?

A: The age of Handyman Hal is not mentioned in my search results.

Q: What is Handyman Hal’s costume?

A: Handyman Hal wears a blue jumpsuit with a yellow belt and a yellow hard hat.

Q: What is Handyman Hal’s catchphrase?

A: Handyman Hal’s catchphrase is “Let’s get to work!”

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