Infosys Shares Plummet 10% as Q1FY24 Revenue Guidance is Slashed

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The stock market has recently seen renewed activity as India’s IT giant Infosys recently unveiled its financial results for the first quarter of FY24, sparking much discussion and raising investor anxieties. After its opening bell, Infosys stock took an immediate significant hit as soon as trading started; prompting concerns among investors. We will explore factors impacting Infosys shares such as reasons behind declines, expert commentary and future projections regarding Infosys shares.

Infosys Announces Q1FY24 Results and Revenue Guidance Cut

Infosys reported an impressive 11% jump in net profit year-on-year to Rs5,945 crore during Q1FY24 compared with last year. What alarmed investors, however, was its decision to significantly reduce its initial 4-7% revenue growth projection for FY24 down to just 1-3.5% instead – sending shockwaves through the stock market and prompting an immediate sell-off of Infosys shares.

Impact on Infosys Share Price

News of Infosys’ reduced revenue guidance was met with swift and immediate reaction on both Indian and US stock markets. Their share price initially opened lower before swiftly declining towards Rs1,305 per share for an immediate 10% decline within minutes of market open time.

Infosys ADR shares experienced an 8.41% decrease on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), closing at $16.22. This steep drop reflected Infosys’ weak revenue guidance following their announcement of Q1FY24 results.

Expert Analysis and Investor Reactions Many market experts had predicted a gap down opening for Infosys shares after its revised revenue guidance was revised downwards. Anuj Gupta, Vice President-Research at IIFL Securities expressed bearish sentiments against Infosys shares due to this cut, emphasizing how it didn’t go over well with investors worldwide.

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Anuj Gupta advised Infosys shareholders to exit on any upward movement in its shares, with plans of possibly reentering at a more advantageous price range (between Rs1,250-Rs1,280). Sumeet Bagadia from Choice Broking offered similar advice: that infosys shares had broken through their immediate support at Rs1,350 levels and could suffer further weakness over the near term.

Infosys’ Road Ahead

With the IT industry experiencing challenging demand conditions, Infosys is facing an uncertain road ahead. In order to restore investor trust and its growth trajectory, strategic decisions will need to be made by Infosys to address market issues while meeting its revised revenue projections. Investors will carefully watch as Infosys manages this journey.

Infosys’ sudden stock decline after Q1FY24 results and reduction of revenue guidance has left investors concerned, leading them to sell off. With these uncertain times ahead, Infosys must implement effective strategies in order to rebuild investor trust and continue driving growth.

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