Katt Williams accuses Cedric The Entertainer of Joke Theft: The Heated Comedy Feud Continues

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Renowned comedian Katt Williams renewed his accusations against Cedric the Entertainer in a recent episode of the Club Shay Shay podcast. Williams believes that Cedric stole a crucial joke that Williams did on BET’s ComicView in 1998. Williams claims that after that, as the last act for the highly regarded 2000 comedy special The Original Kings of Comedy, the controversial joke made its way into Cedric’s routine.

Cedric’s Denial and Williams’ Response

When he appeared on the same show in January 2023, Cedric The Entertainer, who had earlier written off Williams’ claims as “ridiculous internet sh*t,” denied any misconduct. Williams, who was clearly upset by Cedric’s denial, voiced his dissatisfaction with the circumstances and said that the stolen joke was not just any routine but rather his greatest and most popular one. Williams claimed that the joke had been so popular on BET’s ComicView that it was included in the entire advertisement.

Alleged backstage encounters

Williams asserts that in 1998, Cedric saw him tell the disputed joke at The Comedy Store. Backstage, Cedric reportedly complimented Williams and said he loved the routine. But two years later, Williams claims that Cedric borrowed the joke—albeit slightly altered—from The Original Kings of Comedy and made Williams’ last joke his own, adding the hilarious element of turning an automobile into a spaceship.

Previous Apologies and Current Dispute

Williams claims that since Cedric and fellow comedy icon Steve Harvey had already expressed regret for the incident, he was willing to overlook it for ten years. Williams was enraged again by Cedric’s recent denial of Club Shay Shay, though. He wonders why he gave Cedric a pass if Cedric was going to refute the theft allegations.

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Personal Attacks and Critique of Comedy Specials

Interestingly, Williams wasn’t holding back while criticizing Cedric’s physique, drawing comparisons between him and a walrus. He also expressed doubts about Cedric’s comedic skills, saying he doesn’t think the former Emmy host is a good joke writer. Williams criticized Cedric’s comedy specials, saying they are so bad that they can’t be found on well-known streaming services like TUBI or Netflix.

The resurgence of Katt Williams’s conflict with Cedric the Entertainer over the purportedly stolen joke sees Williams vehemently defending the originality and importance of his performance. Fans and other comedians are curious to see how this dispute plays out because it adds another level of complexity to the complex dynamics of stand-up comedy, which is being watched by the comedy community.

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