Lisa Marie Presley’s Death: Understanding the Consequences of Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

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Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis’s only daughter and only granddaughter, tragically passed away due to small bowel obstruction caused by bariatric weight loss surgery, which had delayed effects. According to reports by Los Angeles County Medical Examiner, Lisa’s untimely demise highlights potential risks and complications associated with such procedures, as well as their implications for those considering them in general. In this article we’ll look into more details surrounding Lisa’s unexpected demise, why it occurred, its causes behind it, as well as any implications it might have for individuals considering bariatric weight loss surgery procedures themselves.

Lisa Marie Presley’s Untimely Death

Lisa Marie Presley's Death

On January 12th, renowned singer/songwriter Lisa Marie Presley passed away suddenly due to cardiac arrest at her home. Although rushed to a nearby hospital for emergency care, it wasn’t enough. Lisa’s sudden demise has sent shockwaves through fans and loved ones mourning this influential musical figure.

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner determined the cause of Lisa Marie Presley’s death as being “sequelae of small bowel obstruction.” This condition occurs when the small bowel is blocked off from flowing its contents normally; in Presley’s case, this was due to adhesions that developed following bariatric weight loss surgery several years earlier.

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Understanding Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric weight loss surgery, also known as gastric bypass surgery, is a medical procedure intended to assist individuals struggling with significant weight issues. The surgery works by altering digestive processes in order to restrict food consumption and absorption. While bariatric surgery has helped numerous people reach weight loss and enhance overall health benefits, there may still be risks involved.

Adhesions as Long-Term Complications

Lisa Marie Presley’s death is widely believed to be caused by adhesions forming between abdominal organs and tissues after bariatric weight loss surgery. Adhesions are fibrous bands of scar tissue formed between these structures that over time can twist intestines causing obstruction and severe complications; though adhesions are a well-known long-term risk with weight loss surgery procedures they can develop years after initial procedure.

Overmedication: Lisa Marie Presley’s History of Forgetfulness

In addition to the complications from bariatric surgery, Lisa Marie Presley also had a tendency for overmedicating. At times she would forget she had taken her prescription medications already, leading to accidental overdose incidents that may not directly contribute to her cause of death; nevertheless this behavior demonstrates the significance of proper medication management as well as potential risks of polypharmacy.

Analysis of Toxicology Report

According to Lisa Marie Presley’s toxicology report, her blood contained “therapeutic levels” of oxycodone and other medications prescribed to manage her medical conditions; however, these substances were not considered contributors to her death. It is crucial that individuals understand that simply because these substances exist does not imply their misuse or abuse as they could have been prescribed in order to manage her health conditions effectively.

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The Aftermath: Survivors and Musical Career

Lisa Marie Presley left behind two daughters – actress Riley Keough and twin 14-year-old Finley and Harper Lockwood, whom her death undoubtedly had an immense impact on. Outside of being Elvis Presley’s daughter, Lisa Marie was also an accomplished musician releasing two top 10 Billboard 200 album charts albums “To Whom It May Concern” and “Now What.”

Lisa Marie Presley’s Personal Life

Lisa Marie Presley experienced four marriages and divorces throughout her lifetime, including high-profile unions with pop star Michael Jackson and actor Nicholas Cage that garnered considerable media coverage while often facing their own unique set of difficulties and hurdles.

The Legacy of Elvis Presley

Lisa Marie Presley held a unique place in American music history as his only daughter and Graceland tourist attraction. At just nine years old when Elvis passed away due to heart failure at Graceland in 1977, Lisa Marie took advantage of musical endeavors to showcase her own talents and create her own legacy; earning recognition as an accomplished artist.

Burial at Graceland

Lisa Marie Presley and other members of her family, such as her late father and son who tragically committed suicide, were laid to rest at Graceland. This final resting place serves as a testament to their impactful presence within music and entertainment industries worldwide.


Lisa Marie Presley’s death serves as a stark reminder of the risks and complications associated with bariatric weight loss surgery, particularly adhesions caused by surgery which can result in small bowel obstruction. Adherence management must be provided postoperatively as part of proper postoperative care and ongoing medical management to minimize such complications and protect patient wellbeing post-surgery. While we remember Lisa Marie for her contributions to music industry, we should also reflect upon understanding potential risks involved with surgical interventions.

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