Manti Te’o Net Worth 2023: Biography, Personal Life, Age and Career

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Discover the captivating journey of Manti Te’o, a name synonymous with both professional football excellence and notable financial accomplishments. With an impressive Manti Te’o Net Worth of approximately $3.5 million, Manti Te’o exemplifies the seamless blend of athletic prowess and financial success.

This narrative navigates his impactful NFL career, affiliations with prominent teams like the San Diego Chargers, New Orleans Saints, and Chicago Bears. Amidst gridiron triumphs, Te’o’s journey is also marked by the historic catfishing incident, adding depth to his story. A testament to the interplay of athletic achievement and financial milestones, Manti Te’o’s narrative is a compelling exploration of both fields.

What is Manti Te’o Net Worth?

Manti Te’o, a renowned American professional football player, boasts a commendable net worth of approximately $3.5 million. His career in the NFL saw him donning jerseys for prominent teams including the San Diego Chargers, the New Orleans Saints, and the Chicago Bears. However, Te’o journey commenced on the collegiate field, where he showcased his football prowess as part of Notre Dame’s team. In 2021, his tenure as a linebacker seemingly drew to a close when his contract with the Chicago Bears reached its conclusion.

Unveiling a pivotal chapter in Te’o narrative, the well-known catfishing incident surfaced, impacting his projected first-round draft pick status. As circumstances unfolded, he found himself chosen early in the second round instead, resulting in a substantial financial setback amounting to millions of dollars. Over the course of his NFL career, his earnings culminated to an impressive total of $10.4 million in salary.

In August 2022, when the Netflix documentary “Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist” debuted, attention was drawn back to Te’o. Manti Te’o has a forum to share his viewpoint on the historic catfishing scandal thanks to this documentary. His attitude and method of handling the matter won him significant acclaim. Notably, his ability to show forgiveness to the perpetrator of the hoax stood out as a tribute to his character and received praise from a variety of sources.

Manti Te’o Biography and Early Life

NameManti Te’o
Manti Te’o Net worth$3.5 million
BornJanuary 26, 1991
NationalityAmerican USA
OccupationsAmerican football linebacker
Sources of wealthNFL earnings and endorsements

Manti Te’o was born on January 26, 1991, in Laie, Hawaii, which is located on the island of Oahu. Being the oldest of six children, he was raised in a home that was quite religious. His parents were both members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and shared Samoan ancestry.

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Te’o attended Punahou School, a famous private school in Honolulu, as a result of his academic journey. There, when he participated in football, basketball, and track and field, his cerebral prowess and physical ability shined brilliantly. He quickly gained recognition as one of the best high school athletes in the nation after mastering the positions of linebacker and running back. Consecutive Defensive Player of the Year honours from the Honolulu Advertiser throughout his junior and senior years served to further this recognition.

Te’o high school brilliance attracted the attention of prestigious programmes across the country, and the college football field beckoned. In the end, he decided to attend the University of Notre Dame, a prestigious Catholic institution with roots in Indiana and a rich football history.

However, Teo’s transition to collegiate life was not without trials. The pangs of homesickness and the challenges of adapting to Indiana’s harsh winters tested his mettle. An additional handicap came in the form of a knee injury during his freshman year that necessitated surgery and the start of a redshirt season.

Nonetheless, Teo’s resilience was unwavering, leading him to become one of Notre Dame’s most prolific football players. A wealth of awards and accolades graced his journey, which culminated as a finalist for the Heisman Trophy – an annual honor bestowed upon the brightest star in college football. Particularly notable was Teo’s leadership, leading Notre Dame to an unblemished regular season and a coveted spot in the national championship game during his senior year.

Manti Te’o Career

As Manti Te’o prepared to declare his eligibility for the NFL Draft, his standing among recruiters was somewhat underwhelming, especially in terms of his 40-yard-dash performance. Eventually, he was selected as the 38th overall pick by the San Diego Chargers, signing a four-year contract worth $5 million. This deal encompassed just over $3 million in guaranteed earnings, along with an additional signing bonus of approximately $2 million. Unfortunately, a setback occurred when he suffered a foot injury during the preseason opener, sidelining him for several subsequent games. Nevertheless, he made his debut against the Houston Texans and concluded the season with a tally of 61 tackles.

In 2014, Te’o faced another setback with a fractured foot, which further hindered his career progression. After a recovery period extending to the middle of the season, he began to notch his first interceptions and sacks. Over the following years, he consistently achieved an average of about 60 tackles per season, earning the distinction of being named one of the Chargers’ team captains in 2016. However, another injury struck that same year, this time in the form of a torn Achilles tendon.

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Subsequently, Te’o journey took an unexpected turn as he was traded to the New Orleans Saints after being placed on the injured reserve list. He secured a two-year contract with his new team, leading the franchise in tackles for loss during the course of 2017. Despite his notable contributions, the Saints opted not to renew his contract once it expired. Nevertheless, in 2019, they brought him back on a brief contract after a season with minimal playing time.

The year 2020 witnessed Te’o joining the Chicago Bears’ practice squad. By 2021, he had advanced to the team’s active roster, participating in a game against the New Orleans Saints. However, following the conclusion of that match, he was once again designated to the practice squad. The turning point occurred in January 2021, as his practice squad contract with the Bears reached its end, effectively marking the conclusion of his NFL journey.

Manti Te’o Wife

Manti Te’o began a romantic relationship with Jovi Nicole Engbino, who worked as both his personal trainer and a beauty consultant, in 2016. Their bond grew stronger over time, ending in their engagement in February 2020. Their love journey will reach a new chapter on August 29, 2020, when they exchange vows in a heartfelt ceremony in San Diego, California. Hiro Te’o, their daughter, was born on August 12, 2021, adding to the couple’s happiness. The air is thick with anticipation and joy as the couple anticipates the arrival of their second child. Te’o has painstakingly chronicled their shared travels along their journey through photos of their many holidays, offering peeks into their cherished moments, which he frequently publishes on his social media.

Te’o introduction to the public was first linked to a turbulent catfishing affair that broke in 2012. He made the heartbreaking announcement that his girlfriend Lennay Kekua had passed away in a vehicle accident. However, as investigative journalists started to unearth an intricate network of deceit, the situation took a tragic turn. It was revealed that Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, a friend, was behind the communications Te’o had received and that Lennay Kekua was a made-up persona. Initial concerns about Te’o involvement raised questions, but later investigations established his innocence by showing that he was a victim of a cleverly planned catfishing campaign.

This intricate narrative was given further dimension through the release of the Netflix documentary “Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist” in August 2022. The documentary provided a platform for Te’o to candidly share his perspective on the scandal, delving into his personal experience while also shedding light on the profound aftermath it had on his life and reputation. Through the lens of the documentary, the layers of complexity surrounding the situation were unveiled, showcasing the enduring impact of the ordeal.

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Awards and Accolades

Manti Te’o distinguished himself as one of the most acclaimed college football athletes of his generation, amassing a remarkable array of awards and honors during his tenure at the University of Notre Dame. Some of the most notable accolades include:

Two-time First-team All-American2011, 2012
Nagurski Trophy2012
Lombardi Award2012
Bednarik Award2012
Butkus Award2012
Walter Camp Award2012
Maxwell Award2012
Sporting News Player of the Year2012
Lott Trophy2012
AFCA All-American2011, 2012
Academic All-American2012
Academic All-District2011, 2012
Senior CLASS Award2012
FBS Independent Defensive Player of the Year2011, 2012
Hawaii High School Athletic Association Hall of Honor inductee2014


In the year 2020, Manti’s personal journey took a momentous turn as he got engaged to his girlfriend, Jovi Nicole Engbino. Their love story culminated in marriage later that same year. The couple’s joy was further enriched with the birth of their two precious children: a daughter named Hiro Te’o, born on August 12, 2021, and a son named Kyro Aumua Te’o, who came into the world on January 16, 2023.

Manti Te’o journey illuminates the intricate dance between athletic brilliance and financial success. With a substantial Manti Te’o net worth of approximately $3.5 million, he stands as a living embodiment of this harmonious blend. His NFL voyage, etched with moments in esteemed teams like the San Diego Chargers, New Orleans Saints, and Chicago Bears, reflects both on-field prowess and financial achievements. Through challenges, including the historic catfishing incident, Te’o’s resilience shines. Ultimately, Manti Te’o’s narrative resonates as a testament to the symphony played between the arenas of athletic accomplishment and financial milestones, showcasing a life well-lived in both realms.

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1. How much did Manti make in the NFL?

Manti Te’o earned a total of $10.4 million in salary during his NFL career.

2. How much did Manti get paid?

Manti Te’o’s total earnings during his NFL career amounted to $10.4 million in salary.

3. How much does Manti Te’o make a year?

Manti Te’o’s annual earnings varied throughout his NFL career, contributing to a total of $10.4 million in salary.

4. How much did Manti make with the Chargers?

Manti Te’o signed a four-year contract worth $5 million with the San Diego Chargers, including guaranteed earnings and a signing bonus.

5. What does Manti Teo do today?

As of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, Manti Te’o’s current activities may include various endeavors, but specific details are not available.

6. Is Manti Teo married?

Yes, Manti Te’o is married to Jovi Nicole Engbino. They got engaged in 2020 and married later that year.

7. Who does Manti Te’o play for in 2023?

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, information about Manti Te’o’s status for the year 2023 is not available.

8. What is Manti Te’o’s wife’s name?

Manti Te’o’s wife’s name is Jovi Nicole Engbino.

9. What is Manti Te’o doing now?

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Manti Te’o’s current activities and endeavors are not publicly documented.

10. What is Manti Te’o wife’s net worth?

As of my last update in September 2021, information about Jovi Nicole Engbino’s net worth is not readily available.

11. Where does Manti Te’o live?

The specific location where Manti Te’o lives is not publicly disclosed.

12. Has Manti Te’o retired?

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Manti Te’o had not officially announced his retirement from professional football.

13. What was Manti Te’o’s NFL career like?

Manti Te’o had a notable NFL career, playing for teams like the San Diego Chargers, New Orleans Saints, and Chicago Bears. He earned several accolades and amassed a significant salary during his time in the league.


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