Meet ABC’s First ‘Golden Bachelor’ a 71-Year-Old Indiana Restaurateur and Widower

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ABC has unveiled an endearing take on reality dating show formula with their announcement of “The Golden Bachelor“, an offshoot of its popular “Bachelor” franchise. This show caters specifically to senior viewers by following Gerry Turner – a 71-year-old widower and retired restaurateur who embarks on his search for love once again at age 71. ‘The Golden Bachelor” promises viewers an engaging love story that shows no age barrier when it comes to finding true companionship again.

71-Year-Old Grandpa Crowned ABC's 'Golden Bachelor'

A Hopeful Beginning: Meet Gerry Turner

From Restaurateur to Romantic

Gerry Turner, 71-year-old from Indiana and best-known as “The Golden Bachelor,” makes an endearing candidate for this senior-citizen dating show. After experiencing the tragic loss of Toni in 2017, he’s looking for another chance at love.

A Life Full of Love and Loss

Gerry and Toni met as high school sweethearts and quickly fell deeply in love. Marrying in 1974 and having two daughters together provided many joyful moments and memories that will remain with Gerry long after Toni has passed on – yet Gerry believes fate has granted him another opportunity for romance.

TheGoldenBachel (3)

The Search for Love Begins

A Chance at Forever

“The Golden Bachelor” brings together an eclectic group of mature women to compete for Gerry’s heart, each having lived through experiences including love, loss and laughter in life. Through wisdom and grace they hope to find that spark that ignites an endless future ahead of them.

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Embracing New Beginnings

Variety highlights the emotional journey ahead, as female contestants arrive at Gerry’s mansion and begin competing for his affections. Expect an unpredictable emotional rollercoaster!

TheGoldenBachel (2)

Gerry Turner: The Charming Bachelor

A Life Beyond Romance

Gerry Turner is more than an eligible bachelor; he’s also a loving father and grandfather who cherishes family values. When not searching for love, Gerry spends his free time engaging in various activities such as pickleball, hosting barbecues, four-wheeling, exploring new restaurants and cheering passionately for Chicago sports teams.

Support from Loved Ones

Gerry relies heavily on his family for support as he undertakes this epic adventure, particularly his two granddaughters who give him strength and encouragement every step of the way. Their unfailing assistance brings great joy and warmth into his heart.

Teasing New Beginnings

A Playful Trailer

The teaser trailer for “The Golden Bachelor” strikes an exquisite balance between humor and heart. It deftly highlights Gerry Turner’s age while simultaneously showcasing his distinct charm – leaving viewers smiling as they witness Gerry embrace modern technology while remaining true to old-school ways.

Toni’s Blessing

Gerry opens up during an emotional interview on “Good Morning America,” sharing how Toni would react to him being featured as “The Golden Bachelor.” With a twinkle in his eye and an optimistic approach to love, Gerry affirms his certainty that Toni would support and cheer for him during this quest for true romance.

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A Wait Worthwhile: Premiere Date

The Excitement Builds

ABC keeps fans eagerly awaiting “The Golden Bachelor”‘s premiere guessing about its date of debut; keeping us guessing and excited with just teases of “The Golden Bachelor’s” appearance this fall on Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

“The Golden Bachelor” brings hope, romance and an inspiring tale of long-lasting love in its golden years to viewers with Gerry Turner as its star. Viewers will witness an adventure filled with laughter, tears and the promise of second chances.

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