The Minimal Impact of the Microsoft Activision Deal on Gamers: Here’s Why

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Recent news that Microsoft won its case against the FTC over Activision Blizzard has caused quite a buzz within the gaming industry, yet despite all of the speculation and noise it will likely have minimal effects on gamers. Let’s explore all of its details to understand why this deal may not be as significant.

FTC’s failure to stop Microsoft Activision merger will allow it to proceed without major obstructions. While there remains the possibility of an appeal by FTC, UK CMA (the sole other regulatory body expressing concerns) has engaged with Microsoft about potential compromises that may reduce risks involved with acquisition; regardless, $69 billion acquisition should go ahead without too much resistance or obstruction from third-party authorities.

Microsoft Activision Deal on Gamers

Call of Duty

One of the main concerns voiced by gamers was whether Microsoft would withdraw Call of Duty from PlayStation platforms. Thankfully, Microsoft made clear that Call of Duty would remain available, though with exclusive Sony skins potentially going away; ironically enough, however, the FTC used these items as evidence of possible inequality within the game itself.

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Though Microsoft may eventually consider adding Call of Duty to Xbox Game Pass, any potential loss in sales across other platforms must also be taken into consideration. Please be aware that due to existing Call of Duty deals being honored by them, any changes are unlikely to take effect within this year or at all.

Other Activision IPs

Microsoft Activision Deal on Gamers

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision has raised the possibility of revitalizing dormant IPs that have been neglected due to Call of Duty’s annual release cycle. Some of these titles could become exclusive Xbox offerings over time; this project may take years before coming to fruition and none hold as much popular support as Call of Duty, Starfield and Elder Scrolls franchises.

Diablo 4

Blizzard President Mike Ybarra recently stated that Diablo 4 will not be making its debut on Xbox Game Pass. With its seasonal model beginning soon – offering multiple expansions per year – no signs indicate it would ever leave PlayStation platforms. Although Xbox players may one day encounter it or its expansions through Game Pass, such events are unlikely to occur soon and any additions would more likely be bonus cosmetic items than gameplay upgrades.

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2, available exclusively on PlayStation since its debut, will likely not make the jump to Xbox. Microsoft would likely deem it too insignificant and unlikely that an exclusive PvE Overwatch game for Xbox would ever be developed by Blizzard.

World of Warcraft

Since World of Warcraft is only available as a PC game, an Xbox version will not exist. Previous subscription-based titles indicate that WoW subscription will not be included with either Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass subscription services.

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Future Blizzard Games

It remains uncertain what future Blizzard games will entail, given their current landscape. Diablo 4 may last another decade while Overwatch has fallen off in terms of popularity. Any new Warcraft or Starcraft RTS titles that emerge will likely be PC-based; any exclusive releases would likely take at least five years.


Regarding King, known for its mobile games, its acquisition by Microsoft does not seem likely to bring major changes. While Microsoft will now directly benefit from their revenue generated from these titles, no significant alterations appear likely for how these games operate.

Microsoft Activision Deal on Gamers


While many have celebrated Microsoft and Activision’s merger as a monumental event in gaming, its practical effects and Microsoft’s promises about exclusive titles may lead to changes that do not manifest immediately or suddenly for gamers. Most likely, effects will likely remain minor except potential bonuses in Xbox Game Pass once a deal has been finalized.


Q1: Will Call of Duty be removed from PlayStation platforms as part of Microsoft-Activision’s deal?

A: No, according to Microsoft they have confirmed that Call of Duty will still be available there.

Q2: Are there plans to make Diablo 4 exclusive to Xbox or include it in Xbox Game Pass?

A: Diablo 4 will not be exclusive to Xbox and any potential inclusion in Xbox Game Pass remains uncertain at this point.

Q3: Will Overwatch 2 become exclusive to Xbox platforms?

A: No, Overwatch 2 will remain available across PlayStation platforms and is unlikely to become an Xbox-only offering.

Q4: Can We Expect Future Warcraft or Starcraft Games on Consoles?

Q5: How will Microsoft’s acquisition of King impact mobile games?

A: Microsoft’s acquisition is unlikely to lead to any substantial changes to how King’s mobile games operate; though revenue now goes directly into Microsoft accounts rather than through traditional distribution channels like mobile carriers or developers.

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