Olivia Rodrigo Steamy New Music Video: Rain-Soaked Night, Ex-Lovers Reunion, and a Wild Party!

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On Friday, Olivia Rodrigo released the second single, “Bad Idea Right?”, from her upcoming album “Guts.” The music video, directed by Petra Collins, showcases Rodrigo enjoying a lively party with her friends while grappling with the idea of reigniting a past romance.

Rodrigo performs moving lines throughout the whole video, including, “It’s been a few months since I heard from you. Yet, here I am, caught up in the moment’s brew. Your calls come in, and solitude’s your friend, though an underlying message I apprehend.” These lyrics are paired with visuals of her joyously crowdsurfing and cruising in the back of a pickup truck on a rainy night. Her internal debate on whether meeting her ex tonight is a wise choice is a central theme.

The music video’s atmosphere distinctly resembles that of the TV series “Euphoria,” and it features not only Olivia Rodrigo but also Tate McRae, Iris Apatow, and Madison Hu. Prior to the release, Rodrigo took to Instagram to announce the single and video. She expressed her delight in collaborating with the producer and songwriter Daniel Nigro on the song. Rodrigo shared how the song’s chorus was born as a playful idea, which eventually evolved into a fully developed track. She enthusiastically recounted the experience of filming the music video with her friends, acknowledging Apatow, Hu, and McRae in her post.

The second single from Olivia Rodrigo’s upcoming album “Guts,” scheduled for a September 8 release, is called “Bad Idea Right?” This is the follow-up to her tremendously successful debut “Sour” from 2021, which contained top-charting hits including “Drivers Licence” and “Good 4 U.” Enjoy the video for the song below.

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