Rikki Rockett Net Worth 2024: A Rockstar’s Life of Glamour and Success

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Rikki Rockett, known for his dynamic drumming and electric stage presence, has established himself as an iconic figure in rock and roll. As drummer for Poison – one of rock music’s premier hard rock acts – his talent and charisma have propelled them to superstardom and solidified him as one of its most well-known figures. This article examines Rikki Rockett Net Worth 2024, life and career , early years in Poison, personal life considerations as well as more.

Rikki Rockett Net Worth 2024

Rikki Rockett net worth as of 2024 is an impressive $15 Million, which can be attributed to his long and distinguished career with Poison which spans four decades and boasts phenomenal record sales, extensive touring schedules and lucrative merchandise deals that have aided in propelling him toward this lofty sum.

Source of Income

Rikki Rockett’s primary source of income has been drumming for Poison since its immense popularity during the 80s. Their massive success translated to significant financial rewards for him – here is how its success contributed to Rockett’s net worth:

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Album Sales: Poison has sold more than 50 million albums globally, several achieving multi-platinum status and continuing to generate royalties that provide Rockett with steady income.

Touring: Poison has long been an active touring act, performing sold-out shows worldwide. Tour revenue generated at concerts – including merchandise sales at concerts – contributes significantly to Rockett’s earnings.

Merchandise: Poison merchandise featuring band logos and iconic imagery has long been a source of income for band members; Rockett receives his share from merchandise sales profits.


Rikki Rockett does not disclose his exact residence; however, given his net worth it’s safe to assume he lives in something comfortable and luxurious.

Car Collection

Although information regarding Rikki Rockett’s car collection remains limited, he has been seen driving various high-end vehicles over time and likely owns an impressive assortment.

Rikki Rockett Biography

NameRikki Rockett (born Richard Allan Sweet)
Age65 (as of April 28, 2024)
OccupationMusician (Drummer)
Known ForDrummer for Poison
Net Worth (estimated)$15 million
SpouseLeslie Dwyer (current); Pamela DeLorme (former)
GenresHard Rock, Glam Metal
Claim to FamePowerful drumming style, flamboyant stage presence with Poison

Early Life

Rikki Rockett was born Richard Allan Sweet on March 8, 1959, in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and quickly displayed an affinity for music from an early age. Beginning drumming at nine, his skills continued to advance throughout his teenage years as he took inspiration from legendary drummers such as John Bonham and Alex Van Halen to perfect their art of drumming.

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Rikki Rockett Career

Rikki Rockett began his musical journey when he met guitarist Bret Michaels in Los Angeles during the early ’80s. Together they formed Poison with bassist Bobby Dall and guitarist Matt Smith; Rockett’s powerful drumming style proved ideal in complementing Poison’s glam metal sound; quickly rising to fame.

“Look What the Cat Dragged In,” released in 1986, became an instant classic. Hits such as “Talk Dirty to Me”, “I Want Action”, and “Nothin’ but a Good Time” helped propel Poison to superstardom and resonated with an entire generation of rock fans.

Poison continued their reign on the rock scene through the late 1980s and early 1990s. Albums like “Open Up and Say… Ahh!” and “Flesh & Blood” produced numerous chart-topping hits that cemented their place as one of the premier acts of their time.

Rikki Rockett drumming style has long been the cornerstone of Poison’s sound, providing the band with an energetic music. His powerful and precise drumming provides the backbone for their live shows, often including solos or even acrobatic performances within his sets. He is widely respected as a showmanship player as he incorporates both drum solos and acrobatic moves into his sets for optimal results.

Poison have enjoyed an exceptional and sustained career despite internal conflicts and numerous lineup changes over their long history. Their music continues to be enjoyed by millions worldwide as they tour and perform.

Rikki Rockett Age, Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Age65 (as of April 28, 2024)
HeightApproximately 5 feet 10 inches (estimated)
WeightInformation not publicly available
Body MeasurementsInformation not publicly available

Rikki Rockett Personal Life: Wife and Kids

Rikki Rockett has been married twice. His first marriage, to Pamela DeLorme in 1989, ended shortly thereafter in divorce proceedings.

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Rockett and Dwyer tied the knot in 1999 and have lived relatively private lives, compared to other rock stars. Although details on their children remain scarce, reports indicate they share one son.

Rikki Rockett Beyond Poison

Rikki Rockett has expanded his creative endeavors beyond Poison. He demonstrated entrepreneurial flair by creating “Rikki Rockett’s DeVille,” his own hot sauce line featuring various spicy flavors that reflect his affinity for spicy foods.

Rockett is also well known for his charitable endeavors and has actively taken part in charity events throughout his career, supporting various causes.


Rikki Rockett’s impactful drumming and charisma have contributed significantly to Poison’s legendary status. Estimating Rikki Rockett Net Worth in 2024 is $15 Million as of 2024, Rikki remains a force in rock and roll. With infectious energy and entrepreneurial drive combining with dedication to craft ensure his legacy as rock icon endures for many years to come.


1. What is Rikki Rockett net worth today?

Rikki Rockett estimated net worth is approximately $15 Million as of 2024 due to his successful tenure with Poison.

2. What is Rikki Rockett known for?

Rikki Rockett is best-known as the drummer for legendary hard rock band Poison. His strong drumming style and electrifying stage presence have contributed heavily to their success.

3. How old is Rikki Rockett?

Rikki Rockett turned 65 on April 28th 2024. 4. Is Rikki Rockett Married? Yes, he is currently married to Leslie Dwyer after divorcing Pamela DeLorme after only a short period.

5. Does Rikki Rockett pursue any ventures outside of drumming?

Yes, Rikki Rockett has shown his entrepreneurial side by starting his own hot sauce line called “Rikki Rockett’s DeVille.” In addition, he is well known for supporting various charities through the years.

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