$uicideboys Net Worth 2024: How Much Have the Underground Rap Kings Made?

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The $uicideboys , a hip-hop duo shrouded in darkness and raw emotion, have taken the underground rap scene by storm. Their self-produced beats, abrasive soundscapes, and hauntingly honest lyrics have resonated with millions, making them one of the most popular rap duos in the United States. But with their growing fame comes the natural curiosity: what is the $uicideboys net worth in 2024?

This article delves into the world of $uicideboys, exploring their rise to fame, their earnings throughout the years, and individual member net worth. We’ll also touch upon the enigmatic G59 Records, their independent label, and the wealth it has generated.

Who are $uicideboys  ?

Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, $uicideboys is a duo composed of cousins Ruby da Cherry (real name Aristos Petrou) and Scrim (real name Scott Arceneaux Jr.). Formed in 2014, they quickly gained a cult following through their music distribution platform of choice – SoundCloud. Their dark and emotional lyrics, often touching on themes of depression, suicide, and addiction, resonated with a generation grappling with similar struggles.

$uicideboys stands out for their unique sound. They craft their own beats, characterized by a lo-fi aesthetic and heavy basslines. Their rapping styles are distinct yet complementary, with Ruby da Cherry’s melodic delivery contrasting Scrim’s more aggressive flow.

The duo’s success is largely due to their independence. They own and operate their own record label, G59 Records, giving them complete creative control over their music. This self-made approach has fostered a loyal fanbase who appreciate their authenticity and DIY spirit.

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$uicideboys Net Worth Breakdown

Estimating the exact $uicideboys net worth in 2024 is challenging. However, based on various sources and industry standards, their net worth is likely in the range of $2.5 million to $4 million.

Here’s a breakdown of their income streams:

  • Music Streaming: A significant portion of their income comes from music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. With millions of streams across these platforms, $uicideboys earns a steady income through royalties.
  • Merchandise Sales: $uicideboys has a dedicated fanbase who actively purchase their merchandise. From t-shirts and hoodies to hats and accessories, their merch sales contribute significantly to their overall income.
  • Touring: $uicideboys is a popular touring act, performing sold-out shows across the globe. Concert ticket sales and merchandise sales at shows add another layer to their income stream.

It’s important to note that this is not an exhaustive list, and $uicideboys might have other income sources, such as brand endorsements or revenue from their YouTube channel.

G59 Records Net Worth

G59 Records, the independent label founded by $uicideboys, has become a powerhouse in the underground rap scene. While the exact net worth of G59 Records isn’t publicly available, it’s safe to assume it contributes significantly to the overall wealth of $uicideboys.

The label houses other popular artists like Pouya and Ramirez, generating income through music streaming, merchandise sales, and artist development. The success of G59 Records further strengthens the $uicideboys brand and contributes to their overall net worth.

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Individual Member Net Worths

Here’s a closer look at the estimated net worths of the $uicideboys members:

  • Ruby da Cherry Net Worth: Estimates suggest Ruby da Cherry’s net worth is around $1.5 million. His popularity on social media, with over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, might contribute to his individual income through brand endorsements or sponsored content.
  • Scrim Net Worth: Scrim’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. Beyond $uicideboys  , he has dabbled in solo projects, potentially adding to his personal wealth.

Net Worth of Other Notable Underground Rappers

Here’s a quick comparison of the estimated net worths of some other prominent underground rappers:

  • Ramirez Net Worth: Ramirez, a frequent collaborator with $uicideboys  , has an estimated net worth of around $500,000.
  • Ghostemane Net Worth: Ghostemane, another underground rap icon, has an estimated net worth of around $1 million. His success as a solo artist, collaborations, and independent ventures likely contribute to his wealth.

A Look Ahead: The Future of $uicideboys  

$uicideboys continues to be a force in the underground rap scene. Their dedication to their craft, loyal fanbase, and independent spirit have propelled them to success. With their ever-growing popularity and expanding income streams, the $uicideboys net worth in 2024 is likely to continue rising steadily.

Here are some potential factors that could influence their future net worth:

  • Mainstream Appeal: While $uicideboys thrives in the underground scene, a crossover into the mainstream could significantly boost their earnings through increased streaming numbers, larger tours, and potential brand deals.
  • Record Deals: While they currently operate independently, a lucrative record deal could offer them financial security and wider distribution channels. However, this might come at the cost of some creative control.
  • Business Ventures: The duo’s entrepreneurial spirit might lead them to explore new business ventures outside of music, further diversifying their income streams.
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The $uicideboys phenomenon is a testament to the power of authenticity and artistic independence. Their dark and emotional soundscapes, coupled with their raw lyricism, have struck a chord with a generation grappling with similar struggles.

While pinpointing the exact $uicideboys Net Worth 2024 is challenging, estimates suggest it falls somewhere between $2.5 million and $4 million. Their income streams primarily stem from music streaming, merchandise sales, and touring. Their independent label, G59 Records, further contributes to their wealth and strengthens their brand.

Looking ahead, the future of $uicideboys is bright. Their dedication to their craft, combined with their loyal fanbase, positions them for continued success. Whether they choose to maintain their underground status or explore a crossover into the mainstream, their impact on the rap scene is undeniable. The $uicideboys net worth in 2024 is likely to keep rising, and their journey will be one to watch for years to come.


Q: Who are $uicideboys

A: $uicideboys is an American hip-hop duo from New Orleans, Louisiana, formed by cousins Ruby da Cherry (real name Aristos Petrou) and Scrim (real name Scott Arceneaux Jr.).

Q: Who owns G59 Records?

A: $uicideboys owns G59 Records, their independent record label.

Q: What is Scrim’s real name?

A: Scrim’s real name is Scott Arceneaux Jr.

Q: $uicideboys Members Net Worths:

. Ruby da Cherry net worth: Estimated around $1.5 million
·  Scrim net worth: Estimated around $1 million
·  (G59 Records net worth: Not publicly available, but contributes to uicideboy wealth)
·  Scott Arceneaux Jr. net worth (Scrim): Refer to Scrim net worth above
·  Ramirez net worth: Estimated around $500,000
·  Ghostemane net worth: Estimated around $1 million

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