Too Turnt Tony Net Worth 2023: Biography, Career and Personal Life

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Too Turnt Tony (also known as Anthony Dawson) stands out in the quirky content and humour of social media with his humorous duck videos, hilarious humour, impressive physique, and entertaining videos featuring them all – captivating millions of followers with entertaining duck videos featuring TikTok stars like himself as well. In this article we will look deeper into Tooturnttony Biography life by investigating his background, rise to fame, net worth and much more in this article!

Too Turnt Tony Biography and Personal Life

Early Life and Passion for Media

Anthony Dawson was born in Michigan on February 11th 1997, where he developed a keen interest for media and filmmaking from an early age. While studying filmmaking at Western Michigan University for his bachelor’s degree, Tony quickly developed his affinity for comedy while in college; producing several comical shorts for friends to watch!

The Journey to Social Media Fame

Tony began making Vine videos while working at a studio for movie production. Soon thereafter, his witty and engaging content quickly won over an admiring following; however, fame truly struck when he joined TikTok.

The Duck Guy and TikTok Success

Tony became known as the “duck guy” on TikTok for his creative duck-themed films, including lip-syncing skits and comedic sketches that engaged viewers – amusing videos that connected with viewers, garnering him millions of fans. Tony stands out among platform designers due to his distinct combination of wit, beautiful figure, and passion for ducks.

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Love for Family and Duck Ranching

Tony’s movies and photo uploads demonstrate his deep affection for family, particularly Dominic and Maria, his siblings. Additionally, Tony devotes much of his time and dedication to running a duck farm that features in many of his TikTok videos; breeding these ducks gives his material its distinctive quality.

Relationship with Ski Mask Girl

Recent Posts by Tony on Ski Mask Girl Tony and Ski Mask Girl have become inseparable; she started off as Tony’s personal assistant but now they share videos and photos together often featuring each other in them. It appears their relationship may have developed from professional to personal over time; now Tony often features Ski Mask Girl in his videos and posts about himself or their two are often featured together as inseparable features in their videos and posts about each other.

These are recent tweets by Too Turnt Tony regarding his Net Worth and Career Earnings Details on TikToker Ski Mask Girl Recently Tony has been seen with another popular TikToker known as Ski Mask Girl who began as Tony’s personal assistant before becoming inseparable together!

Too Turnt Tony Net Worth and Career Earnings

From Modeling to TikTok Success

Before becoming a TikTok sensation, Tony started off his career in modeling. Though only moderately successful at first, his true calling eventually lay with social media where his popularity on TikTok allowed him to build up an estimated net worth of over $1 Million!

YouTube Channel and Other Platforms

Tony expanded his online presence by creating his own YouTube channel called TooTurntTony in 2021, boasting a substantial subscriber base where he posts both long and short-form videos. Tony’s success on TikTok extended into other platforms such as Instagram with over 957k followers and Twitter at 50k.

Modeling and OnlyFans

In addition to his social media success, Tony also continues to pursue modeling opportunities. His attractive physique has garnered him modeling gigs with brands like Steel Reserve, Celsius, Bumble, NOCA BlueChew. Furthermore, Tony recently ventured into OnlyFans, offering premium adult content subscriptions.

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Collaboration with WME Talent Agency

Tony’s rise to stardom caught the attention of WME Talent Agency, and they joined his efforts in December 2020. Their partnership has opened new avenues of opportunity and broadened his fan base further than ever.

Tooturnttony OnlyFans Makes a Difference

Tooturnttony (Anthony Dawson), is an iconic TikTok sensation and content creator with a massive following on social media platforms such as OnlyFans. His videos featuring his family and pet duck have won him notoriety and admiration from followers, while privacy concerns over leaked content has caused controversy as well as explored. We will investigate his impactful efforts through OnlyFans endeavors along with an insight into his multiple sources of income in this article.

Tooturnttony OnlyFans Video Leak Sparks Privacy Concerns

Tooturnttony has found considerable fame beyond TikTok as well, catering to an alternative audience on his private platform OnlyFans. Recently however, privacy issues arose after an alleged video featuring Tooturnttony engaging in potentially inappropriate conduct was leaked via social media outlets such as Twitter and Reddit without his knowledge or consent, raising serious privacy violations that may impact his career and personal life.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with posting sensitive material online, and content creators should take extra caution and safeguard their privacy to avoid unfortunate incidents like this one. While Tooturnttony has made no official statements regarding the authenticity of his video, its existence underscores the necessity of social media usage responsibly to protect one’s personal data in today’s digital era.

Too Turnt Tony Sources of Income

Too Turnt Tony Sources of Income Too Turnt Tony’s success as a social media figure and content creator has opened many revenue streams for him, including these sources:


Tooturnttony has amassed an estimated net income of approximately $16,000 per post on TikTok through engaging content creation and its wide following, not including brand sponsorship agreements. He can likely make this amount without incurring brand sponsored deals as his fanbase contributes directly to this earnings potential.


Tooturnttony can garner up to $4,800 per brand-sponsored post through his extensive Instagram following and the value brands place in him as an influencer – leading them to collaborate further and increase his earnings further.

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Tooturnttony’s average earnings per video on YouTube average approximately $2,000. His brand sponsorship deals can command upwards of $3,000; serving as another source of revenue alongside his presence across other platforms.

Brand Collaborations

Tooturnttony works with many prominent brands such as Steel Reserve, Celsius, Bumble, NOCA and BlueChew – these brand deals undoubtedly contribute significantly to his overall income stream. Although earnings from these deals remain confidentially disclosed, it’s evident that these brand deals make a substantial impactful statement about his overall wealth.


Tooturnttony relies heavily on OnlyFans as a source of revenue, thanks to his paid subscribers who gain access to exclusive adult content for subscription prices between $12 and $150 – helping him generate six-figure annual earnings through this platform.


Tooturnttony also sells merchandise such as beer bongs, rings, hoodies, sunglasses, T-shirts and caps to further capitalize on his brand and make money off fans. While exact figures are unavailable for his merchandise sales, it’s safe to assume they reach six figures annually.

TooTurntTony, the former model turned TikTok star has captured millions of hearts through his humorous content and love for ducks. From making videos for friends to amassing millions of followers – his journey to social media fame is truly extraordinary and with an estimated net worth exceeding $1 Million, Tony continues to provide entertainment to his ever-expanding fan base.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is Tooturnttony real name?

A: Tooturnttony real name is Anthony Dawson.

Q: What is Too turnt tony net worth in 2023?

A: As of 2023, Too turnt tony net worth is estimated to be substantial, considering his diverse income sources and popularity.

Q: How old is Tooturnttony?

A: Tooturnttony age is 26 years old as of 2023.

Q: How much money does Tooturnttony make from OnlyFans?

A: Tooturnttony earnings from OnlyFans are estimated to reach the six-figure mark annually, given his substantial subscriber base and premium content offerings.

Q: Did Tooturnttony graduate with a bachelor’s degree?

A: Yes, Tooturnttony pursued a bachelor’s degree in filmmaking and media studies from Western Michigan University.

Q: What is Tooturnttony height and weight?

A: Specific details about Tooturnttony height and weight are not publicly disclosed, but he is described as a fit and muscular individual.

Q: Where does Tooturnttony live?

A: Tooturnttony exact location is not publicly known to protect his privacy and safety.

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