Unbelievable! Carl from Pixar’s ‘Up’ is Back for a Date – You Won’t Believe What Happens!

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Carl Fredricksen, a beloved character from Pixar Animation Studios, is returning in the brand-new theatrical short “Carl’s Date.” This next short, which was just shown in a video, promises to reunite viewers with Carl, the widower who won hearts with his moving memories of his late wife Ellie in the classic montage from the movie ‘Up’. Carl’s adorable dog Dug is his travelling companion in this new adventure, which has a love-related plot line.

The trailer offers a glimpse into Carl’s world as he confides in Dug about his surprising interaction with a woman named Miss Meyer, who expresses interest in going on a date with him. Despite his initial hesitation, Carl opens up about his uncertainty, admitting, “I don’t know how to date!” As he hurriedly gathers flowers from his garden in preparation for his upcoming date, Dug provides amusing commentary that reflects his disinterest in the activity.

The central conflict of “Carl’s Date” is Carl’s reluctant choice to reenter the dating world despite his misgivings about contemporary dating dynamics. Lucky for Carl, Dug stands up to the plate, providing his own canine perspective to calm his worries and provide guidance on building connections, although from a dog’s perspective.

The short film masterfully retains the unmistakable voice of the late Hollywood legend Ed Asner, who originally voiced the character of Carl in the 2009 Oscar-winning movie “Up,” as well as in the 2021 Disney+ series “Dug Days.” Asner’s authentic voice as Carl is a tribute to his legacy, despite his passing in August 2021 at the age of 91. Director Bob Peterson confirmed that they were able to capture Asner’s voice in recordings mere months before his demise.

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On June 16, “Carl’s Date” will have its theatrical debut in front of the Disney Pixar animated film “Elemental.” This endearing short captures the essence of both the original movie and its follow-up series while continuing the story of a popular character and paying tribute to Ed Asner’s brilliance.

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