Carlee Russell, a 25-year-old nursing student, went missing after reporting seeing a wandering toddler and calling 911 and her brother's girlfriend.

By Dipak Jaiswal

20 July 2023

Her car and personal belongings were found, but Russell was missing.

She returned home after 49 hours and claimed she was kidnapped by two people and managed to escape.

Police Chief cast doubt on her account, and investigators were yet to interview her.

Internet searches revealed Russell looked up Amber Alerts, bus tickets, and the movie "Taken" before her disappearance.

She also searched for tips on stealing money from a register unnoticed on the day she vanished.

Russell described being kidnapped by a man with orange hair and a bald spot, taken to an 18-wheeler with a crying baby and an adult female voice,

and then to a house where she was undressed but recalled no physical or sexual contact.

A torn shirt, a lip injury, and $107 cash in her right sock were found when she returned home.

Surveillance footage showed her walking alone before returning.