Justified: City Primeval" is a return of U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens after 15 years, set in Detroit, far from his familiar surroundings in Harlan, Kentucky.

By Dipak Jaiswal

19 July 2023

Raylan drops off Willa at an institution for "conversion therapy," who shares his tendency for violence, causing tension with Winona.

Raylan encounters two felons attempting to carjack them and apprehends them, learning they are wanted in Detroit, leading him to take Willa along on his trip.

New adversaries in Detroit, including lawyer Carolyn Wilder and Judge Alvin Guy, challenge Raylan emotionally and legally.

Clement Mansell, an enigmatic con man, aspiring singer, and casual killer, becomes one of Raylan's greatest dangers, connecting various plotlines with other characters.

Judge Guy is involved in a deadly high-speed chase with Clement, resulting in Clement's escape with incriminating evidence and Rose's murder.

Side characters like Skender Lulgjuraj and Del Weems, Sandy's marks, and Carolyn's former flame Jamal, along with unknown creditors, add depth to the story.

The episode explores Raylan's experiences as an outsider in Detroit, navigating unfamiliar terrain and a new criminal landscape with potential for future narrative developments.

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