The recent FTC ruling allows the $69 billion acquisition to proceed with minimal obstruction from third-party authorities, despite the possibility of an appeal by the FTC.

Microsoft-Activision merger

Microsoft-Activision merger

Microsoft clarified that Call of Duty will continue to be available on PlayStation platforms, although exclusive Sony skins might be affected.

Call of Duty availability

Call of Duty availability

Xbox Game Pass and Call of Duty: While Microsoft may consider adding Call of Duty to Xbox Game Pass in the future, any changes in sales across other platforms will be taken into consideration, and existing deals will be honored.

Microsoft's acquisition raises the possibility of revitalizing neglected Activision IPs, but it may take years before any exclusives come to fruition, and none hold as much popular support as Call of Duty, Starfield, and Elder Scrolls franchises.

Diablo 4 is unlikely to debut on Xbox Game Pass or leave PlayStation platforms, and any future additions through Game Pass would likely be bonus cosmetic items rather than gameplay upgrades

Overwatch 2, currently exclusive to PlayStation, is unlikely to make the jump to Xbox, as Microsoft may deem it insignificant and unlikely for Blizzard to develop an exclusive PvE Overwatch game for Xbox.

Since World of Warcraft is only available on PC, an Xbox version will not exist, and the WoW subscription will not be included with Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass.

The future of Blizzard games remains uncertain, with Diablo 4 potentially lasting another decade and any new Warcraft or Starcraft RTS titles likely to be PC-based, taking at least five years for exclusive releases

The acquisition of King, known for its mobile games, is unlikely to bring major changes to how these games operate, although Microsoft will directly benefit from the revenue generated by these titles.

Despite the buzz surrounding the deal, its effects on gamers are expected to be minimal, with most major franchises remaining accessible on their respective platforms.