Lana Del Rey's Surprise Visit and Unforgettable Fan Encounters!

By Dipak Jaiswal

21 July 2023

Unexpected Alabama Adventure

Unexpected Alabama Adventure

Lana Del Rey visited Alabama despite not being on a tour schedule, which surprised some fans.

She was seen in Florence, Alabama, dining at a pizza place while dressed in her signature blue minidress, denim jacket, sneakers, and eye makeup.

During her stay, Lana Del Rey stayed at the Marriott Shoals hotel in Florence.

Fans spotted her at various locations, including nail salons and Starbucks outlets across Birmingham.

A fan named Jordan Settles had an unforgettable experience meeting Lana Del Rey at a nail salon in Birmingham, describing it as a day he will cherish forever.

It seems Lana's visit to Alabama was likely related to her inspiration for the song "Paris Texas" from her ninth studio album

Her album has achieved significant success, topping charts worldwide.

Despite not being on tour, Lana Del Rey has been making festival appearances.