Eric Mays Wikipedia: Biography, Net Worth, Age, Wife, and Career

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There are those who make an impact in the dynamic arena of American politics, whether it be through their accomplishments or their conflicts. One such person is American politician and Flint city councilman Eric Mays. Eric Mays has had a more than ten-year career, during which time he has experienced both success and failure, which have impacted his political career. This article explores Eric Mays Wikipedia and career, illuminating his biography, wealth, age, family, and the ups and downs of his political career.

Eric Mays Biography

NameEric Mays
ProfessionPolitician ( Flint City Councilman )
Famous AsHe was convicted of disorderly conduct and faces a possible jail sentence or fine.
Date Of Birth16 September 1958
Age36 Years ( 2023)
Birth PlaceFlint, Michigan, United States
Education QualificationGraduate
Maritial StatusMarried
WifeMegan Ritchie

Networth $15,000

A well-known individual in Flint, Michigan, Eric Mays began his political career with the goal of serving his district in the Michigan State House of Representatives in 2014. Although he hasn’t revealed his precise age, based on his appearance and stature, he was probably in his 50s when this piece was written.

Mays’ entry into politics was characterized by intense rivalry as he faced off against prominent state leaders. He faced off against Democratic Party candidate Sheldon Neeley, who won with an astounding 91.1% of the vote, and Republican Party candidate Bruce Rogers, who came in second with 29.6% of the vote. With only 6.9% of the vote, Eric Mays, however, was unable to win the election.

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Eric Mays Early Life

Eric Mays is a native of Flint, Michigan, which serves as the county headquarters and main city of Genesee. Flint is a major city in the Mid-Michigan region and is situated along the Flint River, 66 miles northwest of Detroit. Eric was raised by Christian, middle-class parents who worked hard to provide him with a good education and a bright future. He attended Flint City’s elementary and secondary schools before transferring to Michigan University, where he excelled in his studies and obtained his degree.

Eric Mays Educational Qualifications

Eric Mays has a solid educational background, having gone to some of Michigan’s top universities. He continued his studies after high school at Michigan University, where he earned a degree with distinction.

Eric Mays Career

Throughout his political career, Eric Mays has experienced both victories and defeats. Over the past ten years, he has actively participated in politics in Flint City, with some major achievements being:

  • He was first elected to the Flint City Council in 2013, defeating Anita Brown by a razor-thin margin of just eight votes.
  • He held this position for four years before defeating her again in 2015, this time by a margin of 500 votes. In the same year, 2015,
  • He also ran for mayor of Flint but lost. Finally, in 2021, he was once again elected to the Flint City Council. Conflicts with other council members and Mayor Sheldon Neeley, however, damaged his tenure.
  • Notably, Eric Mays is presently undergoing a court trial to demonstrate his innocence amid ongoing legal issues.

Eric Mays Net Worth

Since Eric Mays net worth hasn’t been made public, it’s still up for debate. The multiple legal problems he has run into throughout his political career have raised questions about his financial condition. In order to overcome these obstacles, Mays turned to crowdfunding, using his GoFundMe account to collect more than $15,000 from donors across the nation, including those in Flint City.

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When Eric Mays was compelled to pay $35,000 in municipal legal expenses for a failed federal lawsuit he had filed against Mayor Sheldon Neeley and others at municipal hall in 2021, he suffered a significant financial blow.

What Happened to Eric Mays?

Over the past ten years, Eric Mays has served as a councilman for Flint, Michigan, and has gone through many ups and downs.

• His removal as vice president of the council and chair of the finance committee as a result of instances of unpleasant behavior in his office

• participation in a physical argument at a Flint bar with the deputy chief of staff for Mayor Sheldon Neeley, which allegedly turned into a bar brawl;

• charges that the deputy chief started the altercation by shouting insults and physically assaulting Mays. The Michigan State Police looked into this event, and Eric Mays was ultimately found guilty of disorderly conduct, a crime that carries a possible jail sentence and fines.

Due to his limited resources, he was unable to build a strong legal defense and was forced to turn to friends throughout the nation to raise almost $13,000 on GoFundMe. Along with these legal issues, Eric Mays also had to pay $35,000 in city legal fees for a failed federal case he had brought against the mayor of New York City, Sheldon Neeley, and other members of City Hall.

Eric Mays was found guilty of disorderly conduct on March 10, 2023, by Judge Vikki Bayeh-Haley of the Flint City District Court. A fine of up to $500 and a prison sentence of up to 90 days may follow this verdict. Eric Mays voiced his disappointment with the decision and insisted he was innocent, claiming he didn’t think he had engaged in unruly behavior. His case will be decided again on April 25, 2023.

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It’s also important to remember that Eric Mays had previously received a 22-day jail term after being found guilty of driving while intoxicated eight years prior. Gildneer also brought charges in this case.

Politics, legal issues, and personal controversies have all played a part in Eric Mays’ life and work. Despite the ambiguity surrounding his financial worth, one thing is certain: his path to the American political scene has not been easy. The future is still uncertain for this Flint City Councilman as he manages his present legal struggle and risks jail time and penalties. His experience serves as a reminder of how complicated and turbulent American politics can be.


 Who is Eric Mays, and what is his political background?

Eric Mays is an American politician and Flint city councilman who has been active in Flint City politics for over a decade. He has also run for the Michigan State House of Representatives in the past.

What are some notable highlights of Eric Mays’ political career?

Eric Mays has served on Flint City Council and ran for Flint City Mayor in 2015. He has faced both victories and defeats during his tenure in politics, including legal challenges and controversies.

What is Eric Mays’ current legal situation, and why is he facing legal issues?

Eric Mays is currently facing a court trial and has been convicted of disorderly conduct. He has been involved in incidents such as a bar fight with Mayor Sheldon Neeley’s Deputy Chief of Staff, which have led to legal challenges.

What is known about Eric Mays’ net worth and financial situation?

Eric Mays’ net worth remains undisclosed, but he has faced financial difficulties due to legal issues. He resorted to crowdfunding, raising funds on GoFundMe from supporters across the country.

Has Eric Mays held any leadership positions in Flint City Council?

Yes, Eric Mays has held leadership positions within Flint City Council, including the finance committee chair and council vice president. However, he was removed from these positions due to issues related to his conduct.

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